Celebration - by John Spears
The "Celebration" series is a theme with variations revealing a number of positive displays of color and pattern. The artist, John Spears, shows with his approach of using random pattern to reflect visually on a canvas, for example, how confetti enhances the spirit of a parade. In fact, he is still creating numerous festive canvases with this theme in mind. His self developed techniques with the silkscreen and the spontaneity he employs with this medium makes each painting unique.
Celebration on Black
"Celebration IV on Black"
Celebration V on Natural
"Celebration V on Natural"
Carnival III
"Carnival III"

"Celebration II"
Carnival I
"Carnival I on Red"
Carnival II
"Carnival II"
Celebration X
"Celebration X"

"Celebration AHP"
The art of John Spears
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