Patterns - by John Spears
The "Pattern" series is the basic common component that runs throughout the artist's work. In the words of the artist, John Spears, "Pattern is the basis of all composition.....It is the way in which we create and learn, by repeating. It is the way we apprehend the world." This series is a study of pattern. His approach with the screen is like weaving with the silkscreen. With just a single hand cut screen he can create an infinite variety of pattern merely by shifting the screen and applying numerous layers of paint. They are reminiscent of the tapestries found in the historical castles and churches. Some of his works are over 100 feet in length. This abstract geometric series is both contemporary yet reflective in the basic patterns of antiquity that is found in the tile work in the mosques of the Middle East and the churches of Europe or even in the quilts found in America.
Building Blocks V
"Building Block V"
Pattern within Pattern
"Pattern within Pattern"
Stained Glass
"Stained Glass"
Prisim I
"Prism I"
"Molecules I"
Jigsaw Puzzle
"Jigsaw Puzzle"

"Weaving with Pattern I"

"Decoding the Human Genome"
Jamming with Pattern and Color
"Jamming with
Pattern and Color"
Good Vibrations I and II
"Good Vibrations I"
Good Vibrations II
"Good Vibrations II"
Fiber Optics
"Fiber Optics"
Stainglass III
"Stainglass III"
Weaving with the Silkscreen
"Weaving with the Silkscreen"

"Prism IV"
The art of John Spears
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