Installations of John Spears Art
Another important area of expertise is that the artist, John Spears, likes to create is large-scale commission artwork known as site-specific artwork where the art is meant for a particular interior environment. His inspiration maybe derived from an architectural detail or some other abstract visual that is associated with a particular setting, corporate identity or vision. For example, the atrium for the hi-tech center formerly known as Nabisco he was inspired by its four-story atrium. As in a traditional symphony there are four movements. Here he visually created a visual symphony of four parts, each floor in a different movement. Another example is the new corporation, NeuStar, Inc. and its cutting edge convergence technology. The artist's "Organized Chaos" series already in progress was a natural match to their vision of harnessing the enormous amount of random data they handle into an organized whole. In addition to the aesthetic enhancement the art provides, often acoustical concerns are addressed at the same time. Thus form and function merge into a positive interior environment and for those that may work in those spaces a beneficial result is experience daily.
Nabisco Art

"Nabisco Atrium" Nabisco, East Hanover, New Jersey. Commissioned thirty six paintings some over fifty feet long using a track system with acoustical batting behind each painting.
Bricktown Library

"Bricktown Library" Bricktown Library, Bricktown, New Jersey. Commissioned a thirty foot painting on both sides of the canvas and suspended with stainless steel cables within the staircase.
Bank of America

"Bank of America" Bank of America, World Headquarters, San Francisco, California. A one-man show comprising of approximately twenty five canvases, two over forty feet long mounted with a track system onto a granite wall.
Garrett Towers

"Garrett Towers" Garrett Towers, Paterson, New Jersey. Feld & Co. Commissioned a dyptich four feet by twenty feet each that is lighted from behind creating a stained glass effect.
NeuStar Collection
NeuStar Collection

NeuStar - Banners & 120' "Fiber Optics" NeuStar, Inc., Sterling, Virginia. Commissioned over ninety six works of art including thirty six acoustical banners, a one hundred twenty foot piece, two fifty foot pieces and numerous other works mounted with a track system with acoustical batting behind each canvas.

NeuStar Collection

NeuStar Collection

Podolsky Northstar Realty Partners, LLC
John Spears recently completed the Concourse Office Plaza for Podolsky Northstar Realty Partners, LLC in Skokie Ill. The works completed comprise of 2 commissioned artworks for the lobbies and 6 mobiles (not shownn for the concourse connection between the two lobbies). Each of the lobby artworks named "Celebration Northstar" and "Stain Glass Northstar" are 4' x 18' and were stretched on location for the site specific artwork.

The art of John Spears
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